First kick off meeting at Tornio

The first kick off meeting held in Tornio (Finland) last week proved to be a great success! It was organized by the Lapland University of Applied Sciences, one of the BRIDGE partners and the only one partner organization in Finland. The purpose of the event was to facilitate the parties’ communication strategy and to implement students’ acquaintance with the local commissioners.

For the first time, the students had an opportunity to meet face to face and to elaborate the plans concerning the companies’ development after meeting the local businesses. Oy Aurora Data and Systems Ltd, Oy BeSmart Consulting Ltd, Datadrivers Oy, Hovilompolo, Hulkoffgården AB, Town of Tornio, Tervolan Kurkiaura Oy, LAPPARI, PUU TERÄ J. HALONEN, Experience365 and SEADVENTURES representatives introduced the working groups to the spheres of their operation and discussed potential business solutions the students were coming up with.

Administration of the project also held several meetings on topic of synchronizing entrepreneurial education strategies, conducting joint research and further development of the project (including the future meeting in Vardø on week 41 in October).

At the end of May the students’ working groups and the commissioners agreed on holding an online meeting for the presentation of final business plan suggestions. The final presentations will be found in the “Showcase” section after the meeting.

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