Semester start in Norway was held in Vardø on 7th October 2019!

The official start of the session in Norway was held on 7th October 2019 in Vardø. In the morning, all participants gathered at the Vardø’s Town Hall where few speakers shared some practical information conducive for the successful teamwork and completion of the assignments. The head of Business Association of Vardø Gry-Anita Kristiansen presented business life of the city.  Assistant professor Ellen-Johanne Kvalsvik from UiT – the Arctic University of Norway gave some teamwork instructions. A coach, Petri Hannula, present in Vardø along with Tuomas Valtanen from Lapland UAS in Rovaniemi (remotely) demonstrated how to use Mattermost workplace – an online tool.

During breaks, the participants were getting to know each other and through team building activities were communicating, establishing relationship and having fun.

Later on, without wasting time, the teams started working on their cases. Some of them met face to face with their commissioners and discussed the given tasks. This time the commissioners with cases are Varanger Cook, Port of Vardø, Culture Pilot, Vardø Tourism, Vardøhus Fortress, Vardø Hotel, Vardø Greenhouse, Grand Hotel, Seafood Centre Vardø High School and Varanger View.

After the intense work, the participants had a chance to explore the area and enjoy the landscapes of the northernmost city of Norway.