BRIDGE project was selected as an example of effective international cooperation

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In order to increase the visualization of the Cross-Border Cooperation Programs, the PR-agency Action Global Communications, which is a partner of the European Union Delegation to Russia, organizes city exhibitions in the North-West region of Russia. The BRIDGE project was selected by the agency and the EU Delegation to Russia as an example of effective international cooperation.

The purpose of these exhibitions is to demonstrate to the public the results of the programs’ activities, the interaction of Russia and the EU countries in the border areas, to demonstrate the advantages for the regions and the success stories of the people involved in the project. Each project will have a separate exhibition stand.

Based on a letter from the Head of the Russian office of the CBC Kolarctic CBC Yulia Korshunova, the international project ENI KO1013 “BRIDGE – Barents Region Initiative for the Development of Economic Growth and Employment Promotion”, in which Petrozavodsk State University takes part in, was selected in March 2020 by the PR-agency and the EU Delegation in Russia as examples illustrating effective international cooperation, and as a project that can offer the public its success stories.

The BRIDGE project is a part of the Cross-Border Cooperation Kolarctic Program 2014-2020. PetrSU and 4 partner universities are participating in the BRIDGE project: The Arctic University of Norway (lead partner), Lapland University of Applied Sciences (Finland), Murmansk Arctic State University and ITMO University (St. Petersburg).