Murmansk session completed

Last week, online case presentations were held to finalize Murmansk BRIDGE session which also signifies the end of the first half of the project.

The project participants in a remote form presented their business solutions for small and medium enterprises of Murmansk and Murmansk region (Russia), where guests from other Russian universities came in early March to get acquainted with customers. This time due to the pandemic, the teams from Norway and Finland were unable to take part in the on campus session, but were updated on the working process in the course of the whole case-work.

This time among the companies that served as cases were: travel agencies “Lappi Tour” and “Raduga Severa”, Murmansk branch of the Union of Russian Machine Builders, Interactive Museum “Focus”, cafe “Botanik”, night club “Icebreaker”, school of foreign languages ​​“Albion”, “Arcticfree” freediving School,  and “Ama Kids” – a center for early childhood development.

We congratulate all the project participants and partners on the successful completion of the session which was smoothly organized and hosted by the Murmansk Arctic State University regardless of all the obstacles created by the COVID-2019 outburst.