The Winning team of BRIDGE Murmansk 2020

We are happy to announce the winner of the spring semester – team Lappi tour!

Jildou Tjoelker (UiT University of Norway), Anastasiia Avchinnikova (MASU), Iana Stepanova, Mikhail Glushanok (PetrSU), Nikolay Polovnev (ITMO) and team coaches Oksana Prokhorova (PetrSU) and Mika Saloheimo (Lapland UAS) did a great job despite of all difficulties caused by the current situation in the world. Their detailed presentation, multiple approaches, logical proposals and tight cooperation with the commissioner were highly evaluated by a competent jury. The group not only provided the commissioner with the list of potential partners, but also developed a whole marketing strategy, promotional materials and even 24/7 support on the communication issues.

Warm congratulations to the team!