Commissioners & Partners, spring 2020 at Murmansk, Russia



Teaching English to children beginning from 6 months first in the form of play and supported by physical and creative activities, and then, after 5 years, with more academic means Educational program implies preparing for the Cambridge exam In 2 years the number of pupils increased from 50 to 300.


Coffee shop working in the premises of the regional scientific library in tight cooperation with the “Focus” museum. Used for entertaining, chill and even business like activities by the library workers and staff as well as by the “Focus” museum visitors. Menu mostly consists of coffee and pastry.

FOCUS Museum

The only science related interactive museum in Murmansk region promoting exact sciences among common people. Target group children of 5 11 years and their parents. Possesses 4 thematic interactive exhibitions organized scientific programs, workshops, entertainment events.

Ledokol Club

Hospitality service, catering, other tourist and recreation services.

Raduga Severa

Organization of tours and excursions across Kola Peninsula, active holidays, local guiding, transportation service etc.


Teaching children and teens different methods for brainpower development.


Teaching courses in freediving and organizing diving for tourists in Teriberka and Rybachiy peninsula.

Lappi Tour

Organizing excursions and tours in Murmansk and its region (thematic excursions, city tours, outdoor activities etc.)


Murmansk regional branch of All Russian public non profit organization aimed at 1) Promotion of engineering professions, 2) Development of economic, industrial and scientific interaction between regional engineering enterprises, 3) Promotion of innovative and investment activities for the benefits of Russian machine building industry etc.

Partner organizations

UiT – The Arctic University of Norway

Peter Fischer
peter.fischer (at)
Entrepreneurship, Tourism

Lapland University of Applied Sciences (Finland)

Teresa Chen
teresa.chen (at)
Communication, Cultures

Petri Hannula

Esa Jauhola
esa.jauhola (at)
Financial Management

Mika Saloheimo
mika.saloheimo (at)

Murmansk Arctic State University (Russia)

Alla Raspopova
raspopova.alla (at)
Project Management

Tatyana Belevskikh
tanyabelka (at)
Management, Tourism

ITMO University St. Petersburg (Russia)

Alexey Fenkin
alexeyfenkin (at)

Petrozavodsk State University (Russia)

Oksana Prokhorova
oksana_prokhorov (at)
Marketing, Project Management

Participating students


Vuorma Niilo (Lapland UAS)
Niilo.Vuorma (at)

Nikita Khristoforov (MASU)
khristoforovnikitos (at)

Ekaterina Shestakova (PetrSU)
kateshe28 (at)

Zvereva Alisa (ITMO)
armadmb200 (at)


Puiseva Maiju (Lapland UAS)
Maiju.Puiseva (at)

Polina Stankevich (MASU)
pell199915 (at)

Alexandra Mironova (ITMO)
mironova (at)


Camille Godier (UiT)
godier.camille05 (at)

Daria Matveeva (MASU)
matveeva-daria-99 (at)

Darya Feshkina (PetrSU)
feshkinada (at)

Goncharenko Adeliia (ITMO)
adele300998 (at)

FOCUS Museum

Serebriakov Nikita (Lapland UAS)
Nikita.Serebriakov (at)

Dmitry Lavruschik (MASU)
aspend1601 (at)

Maria Pimenova (PetrSU)
masha-pimen (at)

Mohamed Saber Abdelhameed Ahmad (ITMO)
M.saber87 (at)

Evgeniya Pavlova (ITMO)
jane96p (at)


Laura Aalbers (UiT)
laura.aalbers (at)

Evgeniia Shishova (MASU)
shishmaaa (at)

Vladislav Radchenko (ITMO)
maksic1996 (at)

Lappi Tour

Jildou Tjoelker (UiT)
jildou.tjoelker (at)

Anastasiia Avchinnikova (MASU)
avchinnikovanastya (at)

Iana Stepanova (PetrSU)
aisaka.taiga5 (at)

Mikhail Glushanok (PetrSU)
glushanok150299 (at)

Nikolay Polovnev (ITMO)
nicolaspolov (at)

Ledokol Club

Adriana Sánchez Santisteban (UiT)
adriana.sanchzteban (at)

Anton Shiriaev (MASU)
tonyshiryaev (at)

Maxim Tkachenko (PetrSU)
maksimtc97 (at)

Smirnova Anastasiia (ITMO)
nastiasmir (at)

Raduga Severa

Lisa Kampmann (UiT)
lka093 (at)

Rousu Marjaana (Lapland UAS)
Marjaana.Rousu (at)

Nikita Morokhotev (MASU)
moroxot (at)

Evgenii Nikolaev (PetrSU)
evnatik (at)

Subkhangulova Karina (ITMO)
subkhangulovak (at)

Souyz Mash

Heikkilä Mika (Lapland UAS)
Mika.Heikkila (at)

Polina Malyshkina (MASU)
polina0008 (at)

Konstantin Larionov (ITMO)
thelarionovk (at)