The final of the fourth session of the international BRIDGE project

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As part of the development of the flagship university of PetrSU and the international project ENI KO1013 “BRIDGE – The Barents Region Initiative for the Development of Economic Growth and Promotion of Employment”, was held. The final video conference of the 4th session of the BRIDGE project, organized by PetrSU, where the results of solving 10 business cases for Karelian enterprises were presented.

On November 16, 2020, the final presentations of the 4th online session of the international educational project BRIDGE, included in the CBC Kolarctic 2014-2020 cross-border cooperation program, took place. Representatives of 5 partner universities participated in the videoconference: The Arctic University of Norway (lead partner), Lapland University of Applied Sciences (Finland), Murmansk Arctic State University, ITMO University (St. Petersburg) and Petrozavodsk State University.

More than 70 people (including 29 foreign) took part in online presentations, including representatives of small business in Petrozavodsk. PetrSU was represented by 11 3rd and 4th year bachelor students from the Institute of Economics and Law in Economics and Management: Elizaveta Martynova, Elena Zaitseva, Thomas Scheiter, Ivan Zharinov, Karina Astakhova, Anastasia Pozdnyakova, Taras Tikhiy, Arman Bagratyan, Daria Kuzmina, Ekaterina Grigorieva, Rafael Mulenga. The head of the group is Oksana Prokhorova, Associate Professor of the Department of Economic Theory and Management. In total, 10 cases of Karelian companies were presented in the project: Pro: motion SMM agency, Lokki film production project, Holod Slavmo CJSC, Piter Inn hotel, Mama-Karelia LLC, marketing agencies Loyal and Contextra, Trade House Yarmarka, the cleaning company Clean world LLC, the Interior Design Center LLC and the Karelian Design interior showroom.

On behalf of the directorship of PetrSU, M.S. Gvozdeva, Vice-Rector for International Affairs of PetrSU, addressed the participants with a welcoming speech.

Marina Stanislavovna wished the project success, highlighting its prospects and flexibility in the changing conditions.

Online format of the presentations allowed the students, together with their coaches, to present the result of their 9-week work, and the project coaches to evaluate the solution of business cases from Petrozavodsk companies, representing mainly small businesses. As a result, practical solutions were presented for the development of such areas of activities as: digital marketing, food production, hospitality, cleaning, interior design and decor, international film production.

Thanks to all commissioners of the 4th session of the BRIDGE project, who were always open for interaction with international teams of students, explained the specifics of their business, promptly gave feedback on ideas and solutions from teams, were mentors and authoritative experts,

thanked the organizers of the session.

The winner of the 4th session of the BRIDGE project is the Сontextra team consisting of 5 students from: the Lapland University of Applied Sciences (Finland, Tornio), ITMO University and PetrSU (two 3rd year students of the IEL – team leader Anastasia Pozdnyakova and Karina Astakhova), coaches – Finnish lecturer of International Communications from Lapland UAS Teresa Chen and associate professor of the Department of Economic Theory and Management of PetrSU Oksana Nikolaevna Prokhorova, as well as Director of Contextra (4th year student of the Institute of Economics and Law of PetrSU) Mikhail Glushanok.

Mikhail Glushanok was the participant of the two sessions of the BRIDGE project:

Participation in the international project in different roles (the first time as a participant and the second time as a commissioner) was a very strong challenge for me. Communication and collaboration in English, working with people from different cultures, exploring European markets – it all looked very tempting! And after two victories in sessions with serious competition, I became convinced that my management model turned out to be more effective and “more human” than the models of other teams. Competition always brings out the best ideas and solutions. I have been working as a project manager for several years. I am always interested in taking on new problems of varying degrees of difficulty.

As the winner of the last session and the owner of the business, I wanted to bring something new to the project. This year we have introduced a system of mentors, when each of the participants worked directly with the head of each direction within the organization. Plus, last year I wanted to see more motivation and a constructive agenda from the commissioners themselves. This time I tried to give the guys what I was missing myself: attention, organization of a strategy, help with teaching materials, support and motivation. I was very lucky to work with such open and purposeful people as Nastya Pozdnyakova, Karina Astakhova, Dasha Savkova, Lena Morozova, Sudhan and Nikita Gamza. My best team! Plus, I had to deal with the development of my agency Contextra. We do a huge range of marketing services. The BRIDGE project helped us to start “packing” our agency, and the victory gave me and my guys a boost! Now we are ready for even greater challenges!

Mikhail Glushanok

The next, 5th session of the BRIDGE project will be organized and hosted by the lead partner of the project, The Arctic University of Norway in Alta in March 2021. The online session of the BRIDGE project in Petrozavodsk demonstrated the special entrepreneurial spirit of the participants and once again confirmed the flexible approach and quick adaptation of the project to the current realities.