St. Petersburg Session of Kolarctic BRIDGE project is over

Eight students’ teams have made the final presentations, which were evaluated by the Commissioners and the team of Coaches. The Coaches evaluated the level of written and oral presentations based on professionalism, clarity and focusing on the Commissioners’ needs. 

Special thanks to the Commissioners, who were strongly contributing to the final results of the student teams’ work. We strongly believe that the findings from the teams will be used in real life. 

Meanwhile, one project was specially marked by the Coaches with the following statements, taking into account the opinions of the Commissioners too: 

  • Adaptable and implementable prototypes for the Commissioner’s services; 
  • Very good and clear message in the presentation; 
  • Professional point of view of the case; 
  • Commissioner’s opinion: We can start immediately; 
  • Professional attitude of the team members; 
  • Commissioner provided the right kind of support for the team to innovate. 

Many of the above points could be applicable to every project presented with different kinds of emphasis. 

The Coaches have marked the projects: Cofium 1 and GeoScan as the 3rd best projects, which were presented today. 

The Trip for Students project was identified by some coaches as the winner but finally took the 2nd best position from the presented cases today. 

However, the Winner is Teachingame 1 project, which has collected all the above-mentioned statements from majority of the coaches! 

Our best congratulations to all students, who presented today! You all have done a good job and presented well! And once more, huge thanks to the Commissioners, who heavily contributed to the cases and provided perfect feedbacks to the teams. 

Congratulations to the Teachingame 1 project team and coaches – the Winner of St.Petersburg Session! 

Good luck to everyone!