Commissioners & Partners, May 18-20 2022 , Closing event at Alta, Norway


Sami Siida

Experience of Sami culture, traditions and way of life.

Visit Lyngenfjord

Promoting the area around the Lyngenfjord in the North of Norway.

Wolverine Fell Wilderness and Nature Ltd.

A family-owned tourism company offering different activities.

Partner organizations

UiT – The Arctic University of Norway

Geir Persen
geir.persen (at)

Kateryna Korzh
k.korzh (at)

Patricia Aida Linao
patricia.a.linao (at)

Lapland University of Applied Sciences (Finland)

Teresa Chen
teresa.chen (at)

Petri Hannula
petri.hannula (at)

Anthony Okuogume
anthony.okuogume (at)

Natalia Pulakka
natalia.pulakka (at)

Participating students

Sami Siida

Cao Thi Ha Ly (Lapland UAS)
ly.cao (at)
team tutor 

Team 1

Laura Aust (Lapland UAS)
Laura.Aust (at)

Qamar Muuse (Lapland UAS)
Qamar.Muuse (at)

Kathleen Enage (UiT)
ken028 (at)

Team 2

Kaija Maunula (Lapland UAS)
Kaija.Maunula (at)

Glenly Gleocam (Lapland UAS)
Glenly.Gleocam (at)

Visit Lyngenfjord

Anastasiia Kochegarova (Lapland UAS)
Anastasiia.Kochegarova (at)
team tutor 

Team 1

Idris Olaibi (Lapland UAS)
Idris.Olaibi (at)

Sonja Kukkola (Lapland UAS)
Sonja.Kukkola (at)

Anna Skrypalshchykova (UiT)
ask112 (at)

Team 2

Eli Warren (Lapland UAS)
Eli.Warren (at)

Ilia Lebedev (Lapland UAS)
Ilya.Lebedev (at)

Yan Qing (UiT)
yqi000 (at)

Wolverine Fell Wilderness and Nature Ltd.

Lê Nguyen Châu Nhi (Lapland UAS)
Nhi.LeNguyenChau (at)
team tutor 

Sonia Rani (Lapland UAS)
Sonia.rani (at)

Bence Barnabás Bubori (Lapland UAS)
Bence.Bubori (at)

Felix Giacomini (Lapland UAS)
Fgiacomi (at)

Lex Dylan Reilly (UiT)
lre027 (at)

Xuan Dep Phan (UiT)
xph000 (at)