Semester start in Norway was held in Vardø on 7th October 2019!

The official start of the session in Norway was held on 7th October 2019 in Vardø. In the morning, all participants gathered at the Vardø’s Town Hall where few speakers shared some practical information conducive for the successful teamwork and completion of the assignments. The head of Business Association of Vardø Gry-Anita Kristiansen presented business life of the city.  Assistant professor Ellen-Johanne Kvalsvik from UiT – the Arctic University of Norway gave some teamwork instructions. A coach, Petri Hannula, present in Vardø along with Tuomas Valtanen from Lapland UAS in Rovaniemi (remotely) demonstrated how to use Mattermost workplace – an online tool.

During breaks, the participants were getting to know each other and through team building activities were communicating, establishing relationship and having fun.

Later on, without wasting time, the teams started working on their cases. Some of them met face to face with their commissioners and discussed the given tasks. This time the commissioners with cases are Varanger Cook, Port of Vardø, Culture Pilot, Vardø Tourism, Vardøhus Fortress, Vardø Hotel, Vardø Greenhouse, Grand Hotel, Seafood Centre Vardø High School and Varanger View.

After the intense work, the participants had a chance to explore the area and enjoy the landscapes of the northernmost city of Norway.

Articles, spring 2019, Tornio, Finland

Presentation made by a student from KemiTourism case group at the 71st All Russian scientific conference of students and young scientists 08-27 April 2019.

2nd place at the session “Contemporary issues of management and marketing” judged by the President of CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY OF THE REPUBLIC OF KARELIA, Aleksandr Pankratov

Educational service ecosystems in the Arctic Europe” by Esa Jauhola,
one of the BRIDGE coaches from Lapland University of Applied Sciences,

Spring 2019 article by Saila Puukko, in Finnish

Commissioners & Partners, spring 2019 at Tornio, Finland


Lappari (Arcticproperty Ltd)
In-door activity park

Oy Aurora Data and Systems Ltd
Solution Development

Datadrivers Oy
Software, Web Application Design

Hulkoffgården AB
Tourism, Agriculture, Restaurant, Lodge

Seadventures Oy
Luxury tourism

Town of Tornio
Municipal activities

ASV Arctic Smart Village Oy

Oy BeSmart Consulting Ltd
International Business, Consulting and Software

Sauna experiences, local food

Kemi Tourism Ltd.
Experience tourism

Tmi Puuterä Jari Halonen
Carpentry, art and design

Tervolan Kurkiaura Oy
Hospitality and tourism

Partner organizations

UiT – The Arctic University of Norway


Peter Fischer
peter.fischer (at)
Tourism, Entrepreneurship

Lapland University of Applied Sciences (Finland)


Teresa Chen
teresa.chen (at)
Communication, Cultures

Petri Hannula
petri.hannula (at)
IT, Software Engineering

Esa Jauhola
esa.jauhola (at)
Financial Management

Anthony Okuogume
anthony.okuogume (at)
Business Management, Marketing

Saila Puukko
saila.puukko (at)
Project Management

Petrozavodsk State University (Russia)


Oksana Prokhorova
oksana_prokhorov (at)
Marketing, Project Management

ITMO University of Applied Sciences (Russia)


Alexey Fenkin
alexeyfenkin (at)

Murmansk Arctic State University (Russia)


Tatyana Belevskikh
tanyabelka (at)
Management, Tourism

Alla Raspopova
raspopova.alla (at)
Project Management, Business Development

Participating students

Oy Aurora Data and Systems Ltd
Tomi Alakurtti (Lapland UAS)
tomi.alakurtti (at)

Sampo Järvelä (Lapland UAS)
sampo.jarvela (at)

Daria Makhotina (MASU)
mahotinka (at)

Datadrivers Oy
Helmi Paldan (Lapland UAS)
helmi.paldan (at)

Nikita Morokhotev (MASU)
moroxot (at)

Hulkoffgården AB
Jutta Tiensuu (Lapland UAS)
jutta.tiensuu (at)

Vesapekka Julkunen (Lapland UAS)
vesapekka.julkunen (at)

Daria Matveeva (MASU)
matveeva-daria-99 (at)

Dariana Novikova (PetrSU)
novikova12300 (at)

Elena Belginina (ITMO)
belginina.elena (at)


Noora Tahvanainen (Lapland UAS)
noora.tahvanainen (at)

Linda Marjamaa (Lapland UAS)
linda.marjamaa (at)

Shishova Evgniia (MASU)
shishmaaa (at)

Lidiia Iurchik (PetrSU)
lydia.yurchik (at)

Sergey Maslennikov (ITMO)
maslennikov10 (at)


Saija Sievola (Lapland UAS)
saija.sievola (at)

Assi Inkilä (Lapland UAS)
assi.inkila (at)

Maja Filipovic (UiT)
mfi033 (at)

Malyshkina Polina (MASU)
polina0008 (at)

Anton Silantev (PetrSU)
santon26 (at)

Nikita Katrashov (ITMO)
katrashovnickita (at)

Town of Tornio

Aleksi Ravelin (Lapland UAS)
aleksi.ravelin (at)

Riku Korkala (Lapland UAS)
riku.korkala (at)

Anastasiia Lezina (MASU)
a_lyozina (at)

Igor Sokolov (ITMO)
igor.sokolov1995 (at)

Oy BeSmart Consulting Ltd
Ella Ervasti (Lapland UAS)
ella.ervasti (at)

Matti Hardén (Lapland UAS)
matti.harden (at)

Margarita Ochneva (MASU)
margaritaochneva (at)

Anna Reznikova (ITMO)
ann_reznikova (at)

Sini Jokikokko (Lapland UAS)
sini.jokikokko (at)

Antreas Lindlöf (Lapland UAS)
antreas.lindlof (at)

Anton Shiriaev (MASU)
tonyshiryaev (at)

Polina Golomydko (PetrSU)
polinagolomydko (at)

Anna Angelova (ITMO)
ichheibeanna (at)

Kemi Tourism Ltd.
Pieta Pyhtinen (Lapland UAS)
pieta.pyhtinen (at)

Topi Toivanen
topi.toivanen (at)

Alvin Ordonez Lim (UiT)
engineeralvinlim (at)

Daria Gorelova (MASU)
polyaricpie (at)

Vera Shikhalova (PetrSU) (at)

Puuterä J. Halonen

Veera Yrjänheikki (Lapland UAS)
veera.yrjanheikki (at)

Minni Lappalainen (Lapland UAS)
minni.lappalainen (at)

Viktoriia Smirnova (MASU)
torasmirnova (at)

Tervolan Kurkiaura Oy

Hanna Heikkinen (Lapland UAS)
hanna.heikkinen (at)

Janika Lehkonen (Lapland UAS)
janika.lehkonen (at)

Vadim Klokov (MASU)
vadim-klokov (at)

Aleksandr Saraev (PetrSU)
alertikkk (at)

Yulia Karunova (ITMO)
yulya.karunova (at)

Arctic Smart Village

Julia Chernobrovkina (Lapland UAS)
julia.chernobrovkina (at)

Vera Chulkova (Lapland UAS)
vera.chulkova (at)

Alena Karpenko (Lapland UAS)
alena.karpenko (at)

Linus Källsenius (Lapland UAS)
linus.kallsenius (at)

Ekaterina Povarenko (Lapland UAS)
ekaterina.povarenko (at)

Alexandria Reshard (Lapland UAS)
alexandria.reshard (at)

Mateusz Forfa (Lapland UAS)
mateusz.forfa (at)

BRIDGE Showcase May 2019 – Tornio

Arctic Smart Village

Student Group (2 Teams) :

Julia Chernobrovkina
Vera Chulkova
Alena Karpenko
Linus Källsenius
Ekaterina Povarenko
Alexandria Reshard
Mateusz Forfa

Aurora Data and Systems Ltd

Student Group:

Tomi Alakurtti
Daria Makhotina

BeSmart Consulting Ltd

Student Group:

Ella Ervasti
Margarita Ochneva
Matti Hardén

Datadrivers Oy [WINNER MAY 2019]

Student Group :

Helmi Paldan
Nikita Morokhotev


Student Group :

Sini Jokikokko
Anton Shiriaev
Polina Golomydko
Yana Polibina
Antreas Lindlöf
Elena Petruk

Hulkoffgården AB

Student Group :

Jutta Tiensuu
Daria Matveeva
Dariana Novikova
Elena Belginina
Vesapekka Julkunen
Anna Reznikova

Kemi Tourism / Experience 365

Student Group :

Pieta Pyhtinen
Alvin Ordonez Lim
Daria Gorelova
Vera Shikhalova
Valeria Spirina
Topi Toivanen
Elena Petruk

Lappari / Arcticproperty Ltd

Student Group:

Noora Tahvanainen
Shishova Evgniia
Lidiia Iurchik
Daria Shatokhina
Linda Marjamaa
Elena Petruk

Puuterä J. Halonen

Student Group:

Veera Yrjänheikki
Viktoriia Smirnova
Minni Lappalainen


Student Group:

Saija Sievola
Maja Filipovic
Malyshkina Polina
Anton Silantev
Nikita Katrashov
Assi Inkilä
Anna Angelova

Tervolan Kurkiaura Oy

Student Group:

Hanna Heikkinen
Vadim Klokov
Aleksandr Saraev
Ksenia Oreshkina
Janika Lehkonen
Margarita Efimova

Town of Tornio

Student Group:

Nico Kiviniemi
Anastasiia Lezina
Igor Sokolov
Aleksi Ravelin
Sergey Maslennikov
Riku Korkala

First kick off meeting at Tornio

The first kick off meeting held in Tornio (Finland) last week proved to be a great success! It was organized by the Lapland University of Applied Sciences, one of the BRIDGE partners and the only one partner organization in Finland. The purpose of the event was to facilitate the parties’ communication strategy and to implement students’ acquaintance with the local commissioners.

For the first time, the students had an opportunity to meet face to face and to elaborate the plans concerning the companies’ development after meeting the local businesses. Oy Aurora Data and Systems Ltd, Oy BeSmart Consulting Ltd, Datadrivers Oy, Hovilompolo, Hulkoffgården AB, Town of Tornio, Tervolan Kurkiaura Oy, LAPPARI, PUU TERÄ J. HALONEN, Experience365 and SEADVENTURES representatives introduced the working groups to the spheres of their operation and discussed potential business solutions the students were coming up with.

Administration of the project also held several meetings on topic of synchronizing entrepreneurial education strategies, conducting joint research and further development of the project (including the future meeting in Vardø on week 41 in October).

At the end of May the students’ working groups and the commissioners agreed on holding an online meeting for the presentation of final business plan suggestions. The final presentations will be found in the “Showcase” section after the meeting.

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